At Gransolar Group we strongly believe that all our actions must be guided by our values and ethical principles. In this way we can contribute positively to the development of the communities that we work in, and provide our employees an opportunity to develop themselves professionally and personally in each project.

We believe in the talent and strength of our team and want each member to grow with each project and feel an integral part of the company.


Gransolar actively supports the development of local human resources wherever it operates, through training, mentorship, and the creation of opportunities for employment and professional advancement. The synergy of economic opportunity and social development helps fosters a virtuous circle for the improvement of local communities and society in general.

Gransolar UN Global Compact

Forética Gransolar Group

The Climate Pledge Gransolar Group


At Gransolar Group we place the preservation and respect for the environment at the heart of all our actions.
Economic growth and sustainability must work in harmony, and we ensure that each of our projects meets or exceed internationally recognised standards in sustainable development.


The energy transition and renewable energy revolution are disrupting established business models and creating new opportunities almost daily. To stay ahead of this progress, at Gransolar Group companies we invest heavily in the research and development of new technologies, we explore new business models, and we test new applications. Only in this way can we guarantee to provide our clients the latest solutions.


Every professional at Gransolar treats our clients’ problems as if they were their own. We recognise that only through this collective commitment to individual responsibility from each Gransolar team member can we meet and exceed expectations.


Committed to excellence, at Gransolar Group we want to be the best professionals and people we can be. We are proud of who we are and what we have achieved. We strive to take care of each other and to protect and preserve the world we live in. Honesty, transparency, and mindfulness of others is the legacy we inherit at Gransolar and that which we seek to pass on.


Success in the fast-changing renewable energy environment requires constant professional renewal and an openness to new ideas. Gransolar places training and education at the centre of its strategy to stay at the forefront of technological advance. Through the application of knowledge, technology, commitment, and teamwork believe we can build a more sustainable world and a better society.


At Gransolar Group we listen to the needs and concerns of each client and seek to understand how best we can support them to achieve their objectives. We may not always agree, but we are committed to working in a transparent, sincere and honest way to find the best solutions available and to the maximum the benefit of the project.

A frank and open dialogue with our clients is the best guarantee of success and one of Gransolar´s core values.