Domingo Vegas, President of Gransolar, participated in the conference on Photovoltaic Solar Energy organized by the College of Civil Engineers in Seville, where he shared his impressions about the energy crisis that threatens Europe this winter.

Under the title “The take-off of a great opportunity”, the conference brought together in Seville experts and prominent members of the renewable energy sector, who shared their experience and forecasts on the energy outlook in Europe.

Domingo Vegas was the moderator of the panel discussion that closed the day, which analyzed the measures needed to accelerate the development of photovoltaic solar energy in Spain.

The President of Gransolar gave his views on the threat of an energy crisis that could affect Europe and Spain this winter. In his expert opinion, not only could we be affected by price variations in the market, but also by strategic factors such as Europe’s strong dependence on gas from Russia and components from China.

Here you can read Domingo Vegas’ entire speech at the conference.

If you want to see the whole CICCP conference, you can watch it here.