As a member of the cluster, Gransolar participated in the second annual session held in June. The companies in this select group regularly share their views on the initiatives proposed in the EU’s social taxonomy: decent work, promoting adequate standards of living and well-being for customers, and inclusive societies and communities.

Forética, a renowned organization in sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Spain, organizes a series of clusters every year to highlight the most relevant social issues. Gransolar is a member of the Social Impact Cluster, a business meeting focused on strengthening companies’ commitment to sustainability, accelerating the process and on promoting collaboration among its members and with the main institutions and organizations.

Among other things, in the cluster the main trends and conversations that are being held worldwide are transferred to the Spanish business context. Since its creation in 2018, the Social Impact Cluster has focused on analyzing issues such as the integration of Human Rights into business strategy, the role of business in addressing inequality gaps, and monitoring its impact on gender and diversity.

European legislation

One of the objectives proposed is to consider a common framework of impact indicators in the social area for companies based on the new developments and procedures established by the European Commission on social taxonomy. In this regard, European regulation has begun to articulate measures such as the representation of both sexes on boards of directors or respect for working conditions and Human Rights at all levels of the supply chain. This session, led by Ricardo Trujillo Fernández, director of social impact and human capital at Forética, focused on addressing issues of taxonomy and climate reporting.

At Gransolar we understand that the synergies of economic opportunities and social development help to improve society. Only through this collective commitment to individual responsibility can we meet and exceed expectations. As a global company, with customers and suppliers from different countries and different cultures, it is important to share our experience in these types of forums, which are also an opportunity to enrich ourselves with the contributions of other companies with similar concerns.