As part of its global growth and development strategy, Gransolar Group has concluded an agreement with Trilantic Europe by which it shall subscribe a 60% stake in the shareholding of the Group to reinforce its growth on the global market and accelerate its business plan, in an objective that is totally aligned with the interests of the present management team.

The transaction, which is subject to approval by the regulatory bodies in different countries, does not affect the present company management organisation chart, as it shall continue to be led by Domingo Vegas, Juan Pedro Alonso and Iván Higueras. Those executives, as well as the rest of the founding shareholders, shall reinvest and continue to be shareholders of Gransolar Group, reinforcing their commitment to the firm, boosting innovation in the photovoltaic sector and the company’s growth.

“We have found the appropriate partner “

Domingo Vegas, Chairman of the Board of Grupo Gransolar, welcomed the transaction. “The agreement with Trilantic Europe responds to the desire to have a travelling companion in our global growth strategy to reinforce the financial capacity of Gransolar Group, and whose values, experience and business vision are totally aligned with ours. We are convinced that we have found the appropriate partner in Trilantic Europe”, he emphasised.

Gransolar Group, with a revenue growth forecast above 50% at the end of 2021,aims to maintain a similar growth in the coming years, thus reinforcing its relations throughout the supplier and client chains it has worked with worldwide to date, driving their vertical integration to provide the clients full service, as well as aiming to specialise and diverse by geographic areas, clients and business areas, to continue to be an international reference in the sector, both due to its experience, as well as its leadership in technology, innovation and financial stability.

About Trilantic Europe

Trilantic Europe is a European private equity firm with approximately €2 billion in assets under management focused on mid-market transactions. Trilantic Europe focuses on opportunities in which its sectorial experience and operating knowledge allow it to provide active support to the founders and management teams to accelerate growth and value creation.