Expansiónhas conducted a survey on the threats of the energy crisis that is expected to hit Spain this winter. Iván Higueras, CEO of Gransolar, gives his view among the managers of the main electricity, gas and oil companies in Spain.

Energy crisis: winter or hell?

Q: Do you think that the escalation in energy prices could continue this winter?
A: Yes. Nothing seems to indicate that current conditions will change, unfortunately, although it will depend somewhat on whether the winter is particularly cold. Certainly, in the futures market, prices do not seem to be easing in 2023.

Q: Do you think Spain is prepared to face a gas shortage crisis in Europe this winter?
A: We have gas reserves, little dependence on Russia and a guaranteed LNG supply, in addition to the growing importance of renewables. The ‘energy island’ factor works in our favour.

Q: What contingency measures should the Spanish government implement in the short term?
A: Issue an emergency decree allowing the construction of fast-track renewable power under a responsible declaration by the developer, releasing civil servants from responsibility and instructing REE to respond in a timely manner.

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